The Music Of Hip Hop Essay

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Since the birth of Hip Hop in the 70s, controversial topics have always been one the forefront of discussion. Media sources, like The Source, founded in 1988, have been a platform to broadcast the triumphs and disasters that face the hip hop community has faced. In addition to displaying media, they have made a platform where they also broadcast some of the letters that their audience wrote back about their content in a section titled “Letters.” With each decade since having its own set of issues, the 90s was a time where the aftermath of black power movement, crack era, and other major movements in the black community took place, fostering a variety of hip hop styles that resonated with many walks of life. Throughout this decade, especially in 1995, there are prominent examples in The Source of commercialization, regional feuds, controversy, consciousness, and how women were viewed and valued at this time as well. Hip Hop was introduced to commercialization when The Sugarhill Gang released Rapper’s Delight in 1979. Since then, rap has taken off and been commercialized for its sound, people, style, and message. “Shortly after its release, the song sold fifty thousands copies a day, eventually going double platinum, reaching number four on Billboard’s pop singles chart and number forty-six on R&B chart” (Reeves,2008). Their success was international and lead to rap becoming mainstream and the spread of hip hop from coast to coast. Once hip hop gained a larger audience and

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