The Music Of Jazz And Commercial Music

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Description This ensemble is comprised of an auditioned group of 7th and 8th graders who have had at least one complete year of musical instruction. In this ensemble, the students will be exposed to different styles of the American musical art form of jazz which would include but not be limited to: swing, bebop, ballads, Latin/Afro-Cuban, and Commercial (Rock). The big band will rehearse and perform pieces and arrangements of the preceding styles as well as work on introductory jazz improvisatory skills (language, chord relationships, scale relationships, etc.). Along with being within a big band setting, the students will have the opportunity to perform in combo settings to help refine their growing improvisation skills as well as nurture critical listening skills. The course will also be supplemented with lectures on the history and development of jazz and commercial music as well as listening sessions to place musical styles in appropriate contexts.

Standards and Objectives
The following standards are referenced from the 2014 National Association for Music Education music standards:
MU:Cr1.1.E.5a Compose and improvise melodic and rhythmic ideas or motives that reflect characteristic(s) of music or text(s) studied in rehearsal.

MU:Cr3.1.E.5a Evaluate and refine draft compositions and improvisations based on knowledge, skill, and teacher- provided criteria.

MU:Cr3.2.E.5a Share personally- developed melodic and rhythmic ideas or motives – individually or as an ensemble
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