The Music Of Kanye West

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Kanye West

Every generation has their musical icons. In Todays time, you hear the name Kanye West the self proclaimed voice of this generation. He worked for many years to reach his current status. Kanye has influenced more than music with the resurrection of the soul sound and emergence of auto-tune after the passing of his mothe; he has had an influence on pop culture as well. Whether he is interprutting the teenage white girl or making hits songs, Kanye West can not be denied his greatness or his impact. Before the days of super stardom he a normal kid from Chicago, Illinois with an interest in making video games, that interest would soon change he aspired to become a successful artist. While enrolled at Chicago State University, Kanye took art classes at the American Academy of Art after deciding to drop out to focus on his music career. His carrer would take it 's first steps when he began producing songs for local rap artists. His producing skills would take off, he begin producing from the likes of Jermaine Dupri and Harlem World. Living in apartment he would soon be evicted from, Ye packed up and got recognition from Sean Carter a.k.a Jay-Z after Kanye produced the song “This Can’t Be Life” on one of Jay-Z’s label compilation albums. Kanyes mentor an soon to be friend Jay-Z had been working on his album “The Blueprint”, he contacted Kanye West for some production. Kanye produced many of the hits on The Blueprint such as, "Heart Of The City" and, “Izzo
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