The Music Of Ludwig Van Beethoven

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Ludwig van Beethoven All throughout music history lived many composers that have impacted not only the societies in which they have lived in, but modern-day society as well. These particular composers have given many societies the chance to listen, feel and express themselves through music and instruments that were invented centuries ago that still remain essential components of music today. One example of a composer that changed the music world drastically was a man by the name of Ludwig van Beethoven. Beethoven was born the year of 1770 in Bonn, Germany and lived during the end of the Classical period and the beginning of the Romantic period of Western art as a famous composer and pianist. As a creator of many symphonies, sonatas, and even an opera, Beethoven proved himself to be a musical genius that still is considered one of the most influential musical composers of all time. In his early years, Beethoven was never close to his father being that he was drunk more than he was making music. Ludwig van Beethoven spent the better half of his childhood around his grandfather, Kapellmeister Ludwig van Beethoven, who was also a musician and taught him many things pertaining to music that Beethoven would cherish and apply it to his works for the rest of his life. He spent much of his time being forced to play instruments by his drunk father and attending extra lessons during any free time he may have had. Beethoven’s very first recital was during the year 1778 called, “Little…
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