The Music Of Music And Music

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Even without any musical experience, there are certain chord progressions, or series of notes that we can expect to determine what the next note or chord will be. For instance, in the music section of my Perceiving the Performing Arts class, our Professor made the class, consisting of musicians and non-musicians, sing the next chord that he was going to play and we all successfully did. Just like with language, in a simple sentence we can assume the next word. Like in this sentence “the piano is out of __,” we expect the next word to be “tune.” This is because there’s some kind of neural connection that we have between music and pleasure.
So how does this expectation of ours bring pleasure to music? The brain correlates to music by
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Our auditory cortex rejoices. It has found the order it has been looking for” (Lehrer). This statement is explained by a study that a musicologist, Leonard Meyer, does. In his study he analyzes one of Beethoven’s compositions, the String Quartet in C-sharp minor, Op. 131, 5th Movement. Basically, Meyer analyzed fifty measures of this composition which demonstrated the way Beethoven composes his music and why his compositions are so great. Meyer finds that “begins with the clear statement of a rhythmic and harmonic pattern and then, in an intricate tonal dance, carefully avoids repeating it...He wants to preserve an element of uncertainty in his music, making our brains beg for the one chord he refuses to give us. Beethoven saves that chord for the end” (Lehrer). After composing a short piece with predetermined chord progressions, I can agree that waiting until the end for the final harmonic completeness after some set of notes makes it very satisfying. When I’m beginning to learn new long pieces for piano, it takes some time for me to reach to the end. So because of that when I’m done practicing, I have to make that incomplete section that I played feel complete. It’s like when we watch a TV show. After one really good cliffhanger episode, you have this urge to watch another episode in order to satisfy your curiosity.
People have a strong need to feel attached others and
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