The Music Of Music And Music

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The same colors of music have been used to paint unique masterpieces throughout history. From Mozart to Michael Jackson and Beethoven to Bob Marley, the behaviors of sound– melodies, harmonies and chords– have been manipulated by individuals to communicate their soul’s message to the masses. The connections between music from the renaissance to contemporary tunes is quite surprising. The Beatles weren 't the first ones to talk about love, life struggles or heartache. These have been common themes of everyone’s lives since Adam and Eve. Bob Marley and Michael Jackson took their own personal experiences and paired it with the universal language of music to connect with people. Through a multitude of albums and singles, these two artists created timeless pieces of music, some of which are still present on the top charts. Although some disagree with the fact that their music is timeless, by comparing the music of Michael Jackson and Bob Marley to music that is known as timeless, one can see the direct correlation. Although “good” music is completely opinionated, timeless music has been boiled down to a science. Enrique Rubio, Engineer, Writer and student of music, takes the lessons conveyed by Mozart and narrows it down to four reasons why he is such a well known leader in the music world. His inspiration, desire for constant learning, ability to absorb and adapt knowledge by staying focused and unbiased learning process are the qualities he has deemed to be “timeless”…

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