The Music Of Music And Music

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Ludwig van Beethoven was beaten everyday by his father. This was so Ludwig could become a prodigy just like Mozart. His father would deprive him from sleep so that Ludwig could get some extra rehearsal time. This man caused Beethoven to become a genius in music performance and composition. Imagine if he wasn’t made to learn about music. Since he is one of the greatest influential composers in music, his knowledge wouldn’t have been passed down through the generations. Students shouldn’t be forced to learn about music like Beethoven was, but they can choose to love it on their own. They can only get this opportunity if music programs are added to part of their education. When music education classes are added to the curriculum, the children benefit immensely. Music education only began a couple hundred years ago. It was started after Reverend Thomas Symmes ministered at a church which then became “the first American school dedicated solely to singing” (Stanford). The school’s main purpose was to teach the children how to read music for religious celebrations. Over a hundred years later, the Boston Academy of Music was established. One of the founders wrote Manual of Instruction, which is a published book used for teaching music education. Eventually this author, Lowell Mason, was allowed to instruct music education at the Hawes School since the book became so successful. After many years music was officially constructed into Boston’s school curriculum. Since then music has

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