The Music Of Music And Music In 'The Hobbit'

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The Hobbit Essay
There are approximately thirteen songs in The Hobbit, enough for one in almost every chapter. Although it cannot be classified as a musical because all the characters are aware that they are singing, the music still plays an essential role in the development of the story. Many characters from almost all of the races Tolkien introduces us to compose a song at one point in the story. These songs integrate relevant details of lore, character development, and a glimpse into the world of Middle Earth. If a reader investigates further into the songs and poems of The Hobbit, they will find that Tolkien uses poems and songs to reveal important attributes and estab- lish the history and motives of different species, such as dwarves, elves, and goblins.
One of the first races the readers are introduced to are the dwarves. These short and squat creatures were once great miners and metal workers whose kingdom was taken by the dragon Smaug. One of the songs that the Dwarves sing in the first chapter, titled “Over the Misty Moun- tains Cold,” has a somber and vengeful tone. It has a simple structure of only four lines per stan- za and contains repetition of lines. The rhythm is reminiscent of the repetitive swing of pickaxes, reflecting the straightforward and sturdy nature of dwarves, and their connection to mining. It speaks about the ancestry of the dwarves, the splendor and loss of their city of Dale to Smaug, and how they must regain what
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