The Music Of Pop Rock

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As musicians further their careers, their music styles begin to make a shift. Many artists have performed genre crossovers because they decide to take his or her music in different directions. These artists that decide to change the sound of music believe that their fans will love what they come up with. Recently, One Direction made a change with their own sound and the fans agree that this is the best music the group has released to date. The new sound they have developed has transformed over all their albums, giving them a unique tune that’s not been fully developed yet (Lipshutz). Though it wasn’t a drastic change all at once, it’s come to people’s attention that One Direction has moved from the typical pop boy band to a pop rock group. One Direction fits into the pop rock category due to the music that they produce, their style, and their onstage performances. For a group to be considered pop rock, they must first fit the “criteria”. Pop rock is the type of music where it has a mixture of catchy pop style tune and light lyrics with some guitar based song tempos within and a slow and mellow form of rock music with pop laced throughout (Nelson). Instead of transitioning into the hip hop/R&B genre like the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC, One Direction landed on rock music to experiment with (Lipshutz). Pop and rock music are very similar in sound, performance and lyrical content but differ when it comes to the presentation of the song. When One Direction transformed into a pop…
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