The Music Of Rock And Roll Music

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Have you ever imagined what would our life look like if music never existed? Perhaps nothing changes or our life will fade and become depressed.That 's why people need music and musician to color their lives. Among all types of musicians, the rock band musicians are the most avid music producers. Before the rise of Rock and Roll in the 1960s, the elderlies thought that Rock and Roll music was brutal and dirty. However, the younger generations found it attractive and pushed to a musical revolution against the taste of the older generations. As time changed, rock music dominated the popular music charts and those teenagers started pursuing their dream with enthusiasm and became the pioneers of Rock and Roll such as The
Beatles. Some people think that playing music is nothing more than a habit, but in fact, it is a job that requires a certain level of degree in musical education, a number of intelligences, and countless of the practices even those talented geniuses: Ludwig van Beethoven and Wolfgang
Amadeous Mozart. The job of rock band musician has value in the society because rock music enhances our life qualities, reduces psychological pains and anxieties, promotes production of positive energy, and provides an emotional release for the listener. Their existence values our life in positive ways. Professional band musician is a risky job with unstable income. Base on Stefano Capobianco in his profile "Professional Musician Careers: Average…

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