The Music Of The Piano

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The piano holds a slew of beautiful notes that are strung together by great mechanics. For centuries, users and audiences have enjoyed the melodic tunes that are played with this instrument. Famous names, such as Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Clara Wieck Schumann. The art of piano has since been fine-tuned with different styles as it used to be known to be featured in just classical music. Pianos have been famous in hymns as its tune can account for much uplifting music. Jazz, R&B, and other music genres have utilized the musical benefits of the piano.

Brief History

To better understand the different ways of playing the piano, one should know the journey it went through to become what it is today. The name itself is an abbreviation of pianoforte. The priano derived from string instrument innovations, and it took much time for it to be performed at its state of excellency. Bartolomeo Cristofori was first thought to have officially invented the modern day piano. He was born 1655 and was from Padua, Italy. It is not certain when the piano was exactly created, but many say it dates back to 1700. When created, it was not widely known until the Italian writer Scipione Maffei wrote wonderfully about it in 1711, and included a diagram of it. Since then, the piano has been an instrument of great use to civilization.

Ways The Piano Can Be Played

-How To Play Piano Using Sheet Music

Commonly used to read music and play the piano, utilizing sheet music is a…
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