The Music Of The Piano

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The piano holds a slew of beautiful notes that are strung together by great mechanics. For centuries, users and audiences have enjoyed the melodic tunes that are played with this instrument. Famous names, such as Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Clara Wieck Schumann. The art of piano has since been fine-tuned with different styles as it used to be known to be featured in just classical music. Pianos have been famous in hymns as its tune can account for much uplifting music. Jazz, R&B, and other music genres have utilized the musical benefits of the piano. Brief History To better understand the different ways of playing the piano, one should know the journey it went through to become what it is today. The name itself is…show more content…
The symbols of notation will help the user acquire much needed skills to move on and grasp the art of playing the piano. For starters, one of the main things users will notice is what the notes are written on. As College Ruled paper would be used to properly situate words in an organized manner, musical notes are placed in a manner where it can be properly organized for large audiences to know how to read. These lines are called the staff. These have deeper meaning than writing on a piece of regular lined paper, though, as each line also represents an important aspect of the music. The line spaces represent notes from A-G, and help the reader to better understand the music. Some of the common basics to learn is the two main clefs. These are, the treble clef and the bass clef. The treble clef is the G at the left and the bass clef is known as the F. The treble clef focusses on the second line from the bottom of the staff, while the bass clef has two dots that are hover above and below the second line to the top. 2. Learning The Language The staff is not limited and can be extended if needed. The way this is done is by using what is called ledger lines. This extends the range of the staff. The staff works together with notes. Notes are placed on the staff. The staff acts a tool with the notes to explain to the reader what note letter they are suppose to play and how long to play it to achieve results. The note head is either filled
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