The Music Of The Pop Music Scene

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M.I.A. emerged in the Indie pop music scene in 2002. M.I.A., also known as Maya Arulpragasam, began her career in 2000 as a visual artist and filmmaker. After recording a documentary for the band Elastica, they suggested she go into the music industry. Rather than just make music, Arulpragasam wanted to make a statement that would be impacted politically, socially, and culturally. She sings about third world countries and issues, specifically Sri Lanka in her album Arular. Arulpragasam drew from the discrimination she experienced while hiding with her family during the Sri Lankan Civil War and the horror of the massacre of the Tamil people. Arular, pushes important notions about a third world that has no voice in a first world indie music platform. Arulpragasam issues her mission statement “Pull up the people, pull up the poor”, defining war in the simplest of terms: “You no like the people they no like you/Then they go set it off with a big boom” (Thornburgh). Arulpragasam pursued art as a child at various schools, such as the Holy Family Convent, so that she could work her way up her class. Arulpragasam explains that “the darker-skinned kids sat at the back by the poor ones who played out in the street all day long” (Hopper). Being a Tamil, she had darker skin, so she was on the back row. But because of her art skills, she became useful during projects because of her art skills and was able to break from the discrimination of the backrow. Arulpragasam’s mother, Kala,
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