The Music Shaping Our Society

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Emily Statt
Dr. Joe Erickson
English 1302 Section 30
8 October 2012
The Music Shaping Our Society
When you turn on the radio and change it to your favorite station, what are most of the songs about? In today’s society, the majority of them are probably about sex, drugs, and alcohol. These are the principles mainstream singers like Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj are pounding into young people’s minds. Instead of directing their music negatively, these artists should try to encourage respectable behavior among our youth. I believe that the negative lyrics in many popular contemporary songs have a negative influence on the youth of America. Many artists encourage illicit drug use in popular songs of today and advertise them through
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Look at the statistics on the number of teenage pregnancies in the United States compared to those of earlier times. Drug and alcohol abuse in the United States has also increased over the years and the ages seem to be getting younger. All of these things are very depressing and really make me worry how the next generation will be if ours is this bad. Sadly, we are the only ones to blame for the way our nation is becoming, but the people we idolize play a huge role in the way we portray ourselves as a nation. It’s no shock that many of today’s popular artists are influencing the youth of America negatively through their lyrics and the way they present themselves. If these young pop artists would realize how much influence they had on our youth, they could really make a change for the better. Gerald Graff’s article “Hidden Intellectualism” backs up this statement and gives an excellent concept that these young artists should follow. In the article “Hidden Intellectualism,” Graff states that it doesn’t matter what you’re interested in, as long as you use what you find interesting and look at it through “academic eyes” (385). I believe that the following artists use Graff’s idea and apply it not only to their song lyrics, but also their way of life. Artists like Bono, Taylor Swift, and Justin Bieber are constantly giving to charity and setting good examples for their peers. More pop singers

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