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The music video I have decided to analysis is CupcakKe “Biggie Smalls”. And the reason I chose this video is that this song talks about something that isn’t talked about enough and that’s eating disorders but before I dive into the video itself I need to talk about CupcakKe herself. CupcakKe has gained most of her fame from her very mature songs that were obviously about sex. And she used her fame to bring many underlining problems to her fans attention including the LGBT community, underage sexual abuse, and the newest one eating disorders. And here videos showcase these problems extremely well. The music video for “Biggie Smalls” is very simple because she wants you to focus on the music itself and not get distracted by what’s on…show more content…
She doesn’t focus on the media but instead only points it out as one of the key things that cause eating disorders to continue in our society. She’s not dwelling on the problem but instead bringing the problem to the light in a very effective way. Most of the power of this video comes from the lyrics themselves.
“I love every inch of my body don't compare me to shawty Size 7 or 11, I'm a still be a hottie”. She’s clearly saying that she doesn’t care what anyone thinks she’s still going to love herself. She only acknowledges that not every woman is like her and some of them do fall victim to this false idea of beauty set by society. “So she won't gain weight from listening to the hate
Can't give her food for thought She'll think her brain gaining weight Eating disorders, scarier than horrors” They are in fact scarier for one key reason, they are real. Horrors are set in something that does not exist rather its child eating demon clown or knife-wielding doll. Eating disorders are very much real and lots of people experience them. Either from someone they know your they had and or have one themselves. It’s a very important issue that needs to be addressed, and CupcakKe did just that. This kind of music video is unlike any video has done so far usually they bright and colorful and there’s always something happening on screen. They tend to tell a story through a mix of visuals and

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