The Music Video Of Hong Kong

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Blur, a British band, released their official music video of the song, "Ong Ong", on June 3rd 2015. The whole music video is weird to most people because of its image covering with pink color and cute figures. The song is from the album called The Magic Whip. According to the video featuring the interviews of makings this album, the song is made in Hong Kong, and the song 's name, "Ong Ong" is actually derived from Hong Kong. This means that the song is about Hong Kong, and a lot of locations in Hong Kong are mentioned in the lyrics as well ( "Blur - The Magic Whip: Made in Hong Kong."). All in all, we can assume that there are some connections between the issues in Hong Kong and the cute music video. Instead of heavy, sad and relatively direct presentation of the status in Hong Kong, they choose to present vague metaphors that cannot easily be discovered because it will result in serious trouble if addressed directly in public. With the reason above and that the band members think Hong Kong is a cute place, they developed a main strategy, which is to introduce Hong Kong to their fans with a series of cute, relaxing, and seemly meaningless emotion of blur, just as their band 's name. In order to pass their message carefully and vaguely, they use fantasy, funny villains, and, most of all, strong images. First of all, the music video conducts a traditional fairytale story, which most of the boys and girls fantasized as kids, as a metaphor for the people of Hong
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