The Musical And Cultural Context Of Bollywood Music

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The Musical and Cultural Context of Bollywood Music In my interview with Sumanyu Gupta, we discussed the many facets of Indian Bollywood music. We discussed several of these aspects at length including the unique storytelling structure of Bollywood songs, the deep meaning and role of Bollywood as an emotional “escape” for Indian people, as well as the growing amount of western influence heard in Bollywood music. I will begin my paper by briefly discussing some key instruments and integral concepts utilized in Bollywood, followed by the cultural significance of Bollywood, including Sumanyu’s personal account. From there, I will dig deeper into the changes being made due to westernization. From Bollywood’s onset in ______, it has included several key components (_____). For example, Bollywood music is set up as its own story. Sumanyu explained it similar to as if it had its own beginning middle and end with its own climax and falling actions. More often than not, Bollywood music is connected to some film, with its own plot line and story. Because of this distinct “story within a story” aspect, as Sumanyu describes it, most songs are able to stand on their own, yet still maintain a powerful and meaningful message. Additionally, there are several instruments that are often heard in Bollywood music. I was told that the tabla, “hollow drums that produce a very deep, echoing noise;” tambura, “something similar to an elongated guitar,” and bansuri, “a flute,” are often
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