The Musical Goerges Seurat´s Life Essay

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During the time an artist is working on his/her product, there are several issues that may come up to either hinder or advance the progress he/she makes. This prompts an artist to either make a balancing act, or to sacrifice one aspect of his life for another. Additionally, some artists are inspired by personal experiences in their private and professional life to write a particular piece of work. A classic example is Georges Seurat’s life where he could not afford to accord his mistress the attention she sought from him to the point where she had to leave him and marry another man. Sunday in the park with George is musical that illustrates the struggles that Georges experienced as an artist while doing his paintings. The musical follows…show more content…
The doctor by the name Eugène Delamare died as a result of his second wife’s (Delphine) actions. From observing this development in Gustave Flaubert’s work, one can clearly see that the events in the writer’s personal life influenced his choice of story about Emma Bovary (Dudley, 2010). It is also noteworthy to mention that Gustave’s father wanted Gustave to become a doctor, something that Gustave was against. Therefore, it is possible that he saw a reflection of how his life could have turned out had he followed in the footsteps of his father.
In Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf, the author used some of the lead character’s life story to reflect her own personal story. Such an example is shown by the fact that the female characters in the novel are hinted as to be engaging in lesbian affairs and later in her life Virginia Woolf had a lesbian relationship with Vita-Sackville-West. This is an indicator of the fact that while certain artists may write for pure entertainment and information, there are some who choose to write about their real life accounts. When penning the play Hamlet, Shakespeare was experiencing a personal loss that involved his own son Hamnet, who was only 11 years when he died (Dudley, 2010). Most scholars believe that the personal tragedy and loss of his only son might have moved him into writing the tragedy based on the grief he
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