The Musical Gyspy

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Gypsy “Gypsy” is a musical that captured the attention of the audience with incredible music and a rollercoaster of a storyline. “Gypsy” was loosely based on the life of Gypsy Rose Lee, a famous striptease artist at the time that the show was written. The character of Louise is based on Gypsy Rose Lee and the character of June based on her sister, June Havoc. “Gypsy” is about a mother who tries to have her two daughter perform onstage and make it in show business. In the end you find out that the mother was just trying to live her dreams through her children. In Act I, the daughters audition to play in the vaudeville circuit that goes around the United States. There mother, Rose, is pushing them to be the best they can be but normally only focuses on June and not Louise. Rose convinces Herbie to be the manager for the girls after she takes her fathers plaque to use for money. As time goes on the act that the girls perform stays the same and is losing interest. Herbie gets Mr. Goldstone, who represents the Orpheum Circuit, to have a contract with the girls and the newsboys which gives the act a new name. Soon after Herbie proposes to Rose and she rejects. Herbie tells Rose that he will leave but Rose refuses to be believe that he will ever get away from her. The act eventually gets to the Orpheum Circuit and June is offered a place in a Performing Arts school, but Rose rejects the offer. Soon after June comes up missing and a note explains that she eloped with Tulsa, a

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