The Musical Style Of Sabrina Lentini

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1. Who did you see perform?
I saw Sabrina Lentini perform.
2. Where did the concert take place? (name of venue and city
The concert took place on Main Street at the street fair in Huntington Beach.
3. Concert Date?
The day that I saw Sabrina Lentini perform was November 7th, 2017.
4. Describe the surroundings and the general ambiance. Did the venue seem appropriate? Did it enhance or detract from the experience?
The ambiance was very kid friendly. The general surroundings were actually a decently large group of people listening to her sing, as well as children sitting in front of her as close as they could as if it were storytime. The venue did seem appropriate because it was family friendly and had no foul language. I believe that having her perform on main Street enhanced the experience because you were really able to see how passionate she was about her music. As well as how her voice was so naturally amazing and she didn’t need any audio tuning. The venue, just being on the street, enhanced the experience to me because it shows that even though she’s extremely musically talented, she’s still a person who has a passion for singing and doesn’t need a stage in order to express it.
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What was the musical style? Describe the style.
Sabrina’s musical style was a mix of popular and folk music. Her vocals sang mostly about life experiences in relationships which is a common idea used in both popular and folk music. The rhythm and beat of the music had a country beat and feel to it which led me to think she was a bit of a folk artist. Her music, in general, was energetic and danceable which led me to believe her style was also popular
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