The Musical Theatre And Film

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Music Theatre
1. What is the background of this art form? (where does it originate from? What important political, cultural and/or environmental things were occurring in this part of the world that would affected the creation of this art form?)

Musical Theatre is a form of theater combing music, songs, and spoken dialog, which can be traced back to the theatre of ancient Greece. The music and dance were included in stage comedies and tragedies during the 5th century BCE. However, the music is disappeared in these eras for a long time, so that they had no real influence on the development of modern musical theatre and film. There is no serious effect of a musical theatre over the society and political. However, it The Pacific Standard said that Musicals have the Power to Change Minds. Although Broadway musicals are often thought of as lightweight entertainment, many of the greatest shows incorporate serious themes and challenge audience members’ assumptions. American Psychological Association published research provides evidence that will warm the hearts of cockeyed optimists. “ Audience members’ reports of emotional engagement and insight were significantly related to hunting attitude change. Participants who had complex emotional reactions to score higher on multiple engagement measure. Although previous research has found a link between strength of audience emotional involvement and personal efficacy, present results suggest an important additional role for complexity
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