Essay on The Musical World of Aaron Copland

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Aaron Copland was born on November 14th, 1900 in Brooklyn, New York, United States (3). His parents, Harris Morris Copland and Sarah Mittenthal Copland, were Jewish immigrants from Russia (6). Copland had four older siblings who grew up together. When he was eleven years old, one of his sisters, Laurine, taught him how to play a piano (3). Laurine also influenced to his musical world by introducing him to ragtime and opera (6). From 1913 to 1917, he took his first formal piano lessons from Leopold Wolfsohn (3, 6). Wolfsohn introduced him to the pieces of the great musicians such as Beethoven and Mozart. When he was fifteen, he attended a concert by composer Ignacy Paderewski. The dream of becoming a composer sprouted inside him after …show more content…
During his years at the ACF, he became fascinated with the music of Debussy, Ravel, and Scriabin. At that time, Paris was the center of European music after World War I. He traveled to Italy, Germany, Austria, and other many European countries to discover and experience various aspects of European music (6). He attended to numerous concerts and plays during his years in Paris. He featured the works of European modern composers such as Stravinsky and Milhaud. When Copland completed his studies in 1924, Boulanger requests him to compose a work for her organ performance (6). Copland composes the Symphony for Organ and Orchestra, which was his first orchestral score. Boulanger played the piece on January 11th, 1925 in New York, United States. Serge Koussevitzsky, who was the conductor of the Boston Symphony, was impressed with Copland’s organ symphony and began to support Copland’s works.
After completing the Symphony for Organ and Orchestra, he returned to United States (1). He noticed that there was an artistic rebellion at the New York City while he was in France. The mindset and the work of musicians in New York became much more progressive. In New York, Copland joined to the League of Composers. This organization sponsored Copland’s first piano performance in United States. Copland performed The Cat and the Mouse and Passacaglia (1922) at New York City in 1924 (3). Passacaglia was the work
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