The Musician, Technology And Copyright Laws

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For the musician, technology and copyright laws are some of the most beneficial aspects of their profession. In fact, technology has assisted musicians in distributing, listening to, and performing music. Those ways can also help the musician academically or financially. Compared to centuries ago, the musician can now distribute music in various ways, not just by paper. Nevertheless, copyright laws came into existence in the sixteenth century as well, have also benefited the musician. Over time these laws have focused more on the musician instead of patrons and printers exploiting money from the musician. Thus, copyright laws of today and improvement of technology have become beneficial to musicians compared to centuries ago. This paper…show more content…
This system helped composers use special symbols, called note names, to indicate a generalized system of music notation. These note names and durations were based on a system known as the Guidonian Hand, which is said to have been developed by Guido of Arezzo. This system is based on individual notes within a hexachord system, that can be identified unanimously by combining the names of all the various solemnization syllables that each symbol could sustain. The hand helped create a universal notation system that was used by all. Now composers from around the area could use the invention of musical notation to write a composition using universal note names. Along with the rise of composers writing their own names on their manuscript, this created the last component used in what will be known as a printed music manuscript. Those elements helped lead to the invention of the printing press. Now, composers were able to sell their compositions, to use a generalized system of notation, and slowly began to switch from handwritten manuscripts to printers copying all the work. Before the Gutenberg press, people would either hand-write their compositions or carve a block of wood with musical manuscript to print their music. However, these blocks did not survive under repeated pressure and could not be reused. The technology was still not the best for the musician, and create several problems, such as the long process to
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