The Muslim Brotherhood And Islamic Action Front

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At the same time, for the purpose of using the democratic process as a strategy to implement Shari’a law, the Muslim Brotherhood named its political arm as the Islamic Action Front. Both the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic Action Front share a similar base of support and membership. Separation between the two was necessary to allow the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood to maintain its control over social services and spreading dawa’a, while on the other hand provide the Islamic Action Front with the platform to establish a political agenda. Upon submitting the application to the Minister of the Interior, that included the Memorandums of Association, and a list of the founding member names that fulfill the conditions specified by article Five of the Political Parties Law, in December 1992, the Islamic Action Front was officially licensed as a political party. In total, the founding members of the Islamic Action Front consisted of three hundred forty-two “older, established males” and only eleven women. Demographics show a trend of disproportionality between the founding membership and the overall population of Jordan. At the time the Islamic Action Front movement was established, half the population of Jordan was under the age of sixteen. But, out of the three hundred fifty-three founders, “33 percent were professionals, 51 percent were civil servants, and 10 percent were businessmen. Of these same founders, 56 percent were over 41 years old.” Due to lack of
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