The Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt

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The Muslim Brotherhood has been part politics in Egypt for more than 80 years. It was originally formed by Hassan al-Banna in 1928. The Muslim Brotherhood is a combination religious and political group based on the belief that Islam is not just a religion, but a way of life. It dictates a separation from secularism, returning to the rules of the Quran based on healthy families, communities, and states. The brotherhood focused on two key principles. They are (1), the introduction of the Islamic Sharia or way of life or principles, by controlling the affairs of state and society, and (2), working "to achieve unification of the Islamic countries and states, mainly among the Arab states, and liberating them from foreign imperialism." The group concentrated on religion, education and social services. As its membership grew, it moved into the political sphere, organizing protests against the Egyptian government. The Brotherhood is the oldest and largest opposition group in Egypt. It has had widespread support among Egypt's middle classes, and its members control many of the country's professional organizations. Up until 2011, under Egyptian law, it banned all parties based solely on religion. Sayyid Qutb, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1950s and 1960s, developed the doctrine of jihad, and the radical group Hamas. It is believed to be an offshoot of the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood. Egypt's Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood have a history of perseverance.
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