The Muslim Dar : America Is Like Any Other Dar ( Locus For Family Development Centre )

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The Muslim Dar in America The Muslim home in America is like any other Dar (locus for family development centre), the only difference would be they do not base their home for wealth but on love. They have special traditions they follow and pass onto their children when they are making their own home. Some build their homes from the ground up and some get a house and make it a home. The home is seen with no animal or human shapes. It’s a neutral environment and seen in very neutral colors. The main color you may see in their manzils (place to settle down & take break) would be the color brown, they do not use black because that is seen as the funeral color. The manzil has plenty of sun light but also gives them privacy from the outside…show more content…
“Muslimness” shown around the home, meaning how a Muslims home is set up and did all the research that was done was it correct in a sense. The common area in their bayts separated by men and women. The women are usually in a separate area than the men. The men lead the pray and the women are behind them. Some may believe that they have to live in luxury, but in all actuality you can live elemental with love. Muslims believe that the very basic can satisfy their needs. Having your home decorated in wealth is just to show off. All homes do not have to be over the top but will have the most love because their homes will be surrounded by the love of their family. They decorate not with wealth but with love. So is it true that elemental is worth more in the home? Inside a Muslims home you should treat it with respect. Anyone inside the home has to be invited by the head of the house whom will be the husband/father. In the Quran they explain how you have to have permission to enter the home and how if you are denied three times you must walk away and never come back. “If any one of you asks for permission three times and it is not given, then let him go away” (Abdul-Rahman). Inside the home shoes are not permitted, the shoes are left on an area rug or outside of the household. They are seen as unkempt and dirty. Muslims are confident in their homes, they feel comfortable and make their guest feel comfortable without being arrogant that their homes
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