The Muted Group Theory Of The World Of Communication

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Abstract Muted Group Theory is essentially one group being subdued from another dominant group. The most prevalent example throughout society has been men and women, men being the dominant figure, and women being mute. The Muted Group Theory is one that explains why women or other minorities feel more constrained and obligated to conform to dominant figures. In the world of communication, men seem to have more influence over women especially in linguistics. Not only is language an important aspect throughout this theory, advertising has remained a crucial part as well. Advertising depicts women and minorities to be mute throughout images, rather than language. It is important to understand Muted Group Theory when dealing with men and women and the power each gender has. Keywords: muted, men, women, theory, dominant Muted Group Theory When the word mute comes to mind many think of being silent or refraining from speech. Being mute is essential in regards to defining Muted Group Theory because of the specific groups that are inclined to be mute within a society (women and marginalized groups). Muted Group Theory embodies women and other minorities as non-existent in terms of communication and social patterns when dealing with men. Both women and minorities are expected to conform to the dominant group, such as men. In terms of communication, language is essentially man-made; therefore women have not developed the language to be at equal terms with men, resulting in women
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