The My First Combat Experience

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The names were different but the stories were all familiar to Trey. The experiences of a kid who had never been out of his home state before, friends that had been lost, what the first combat experience had been like and how disconnected he felt on returning home. Only a very small percent of the population would ever understand. The old album was snapped shut about the time the Swede arrived. Peach 's gleeful rush to meet him raised the bank robber 's eye brows. "How had he missed this" he thought? The couple strolled the garden arm in arm for some time. When they finally came inside the Swede was red faced knowing he 'd been busted. Abel started his show and tell. The battery charger he used once a week. A salesman talked…show more content…
One of the party did a swan dive off the top of the tower when the fence came down. Abel excused himself saying "I need a drink". Trey was sure he 's need one too listening to this by himself every night. Peach began changing bands and at the bank robber 's suggestion transmitted a request for Erie Pa from Pittsburgh Pa with each change. Erie didn 't have a radio or they weren 't talking. One band that came through very clear was a nervous woman asking all sorts of questions about how many people they had, how much food they had and if they were armed. Peach didn 't respond but continued searching. From the back of the room Abel directed the young lady to where they heard what did sound like military chatter. Most were in code with call signs rather than in the clear. At least one call sure sounded like an aircraft asking for permission to land. Approaching without the code would probably earn a pilot a missile in his lap. Fascinated Trey looked around finding himself alone. Looking at his watch he discovered it was very late. Removing his boots he fell asleep on the love seat listening to the cryptic radio calls. Peach woke him shortly after sunrise with eggs and bacon. Sitting at the table drinking coffee Abel agreed to keep trying to contact the group in Erie. In return the old man was assured he was welcome at the prison any time. Knowing they would do some work he encouraged the group to return any time. Peach
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