The My Plan (2016) Assessments

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The My Plan (2016) assessments is a program that examines your career interest. This is determined by taking several assessments on your personality, interests, skills, and values. Based on my personality report, it indicated my personality type is ESTJ ( extroverted, sensor, thinker and judger). Some words used to describe me based on my personality report are social, patient, thoughtful and in control. On the My Plan (2016) my personal interest top two were investigative and social. My Plan (2016) concluded that I would work well with others and like communicating with others. Ultimately, I would agree that these results are correct and correlate well with the career I am going to pursue as a dental hygienist. Prior to taking the My Plan (2016) assessments I was undecided about wether I wanted to pursue my career as a dental hygienist or a registered nurse. Now I am confident about what I choose to do, because it is something that I have always been interested about and it is something I would actually enjoy doing.…show more content…
A CPR certification and state license is also needed to work as a dental hygienist in Texas. OOH (2015) A dental hygienist can advance career opportunities if they further their skills and/or education and complete a bachelor’s degree. (Houston Chronicles 2016) Dental hygienist usually make around $37 to $40 per hour, and around $72,330 per year in May 2015. A few skills needed to succeed in this job field would be great communication skills, compassion about what your doing, and being detail oriented. In 2014, the employment of a dental hygienist is projected to increase 19% estimated until the year or 2024. (OOH
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