The Myall Creek Massacre During Colonial Australia

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The Myall Creek Massacre in Colonial Australia was caused by arising conflict from British imperialism as the greed for land and goods caused the English to disregard the rights of the Australian natives. In pursuit of resources and Newmarket’s, Britain colonised the majority of the world and the ramifications of this have continued into today. Firstly, upon colonising the land, settlers were continuing to ship convicts to Australia, due to America refusing the convicts after the War of Independence. The tensions that arose as a result of British colonisation culminated several episodes of conflict such as the Myall Creek Massacre. This event occurred as the result of escalating tensions between white settlers and the Aborigines which…show more content…
The convicts did not follow this conduct and most believed that the Australian natives were ‘barely human’ (MacDougall .A.K 2004). The population ratio of British settlers in Australia to the natives, drastically altered over the century in the result of rapid colonisation and the conflicts which the Commonwealth of Australia Official Year Books explicitly depicts. The British settlers came in masses bringing a new society and culture to the land. The indigenous people were not familiar with an individual possession society and believed that the stock on the land was to be hunted and used as a food source. This is epitomised in a letter sent to the editor of The Sydney Monitor and Commercial Advertiser by Daniel Eaton in 1838, stating that ‘five horses [were] killed, and four others were wounded… a hundred head of cattle killed and the flocks and herds were driven away in all directions by the blacks’ (Convict Creations, 2013). Newspapers from the time showed that the British reacted to the natives by killing them off the land and believed that the ‘Natives should be slaughtered…[because] they are baboons, blood thirsty dogs and black animals’ (Stewart D,1986). The British were not interested in negotiating with the natives of the land and believed their culture was inhuman wasting the land. Governor Gawler stated in a newspaper article, ‘Black men- we wish to make you happy, but you cannot be
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