The Myers Briggs Analysis And Collectivism

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According to my results of the Myers Briggs analysis and collectivism survey I am very loyal to a group. This could be considered a weakness in the sense that I do not think of myself first. This could allow me to do harm to myself to help others which in a sense could nativity affect my development as a leader and allow others to walk over me. Another weakness presented by the VIA was my humility and arrogance. The article “When Followers Become Toxic”(2004) presented in week 3’s readings states that “Those who already think highly of themselves are most susceptible to flattery’s charms. In particular, leaders predisposed toward narcissism may find their narcissistic tendencies pushed to unhealthy levels when they are given heavy doses of follower ingratiation.” (Offermann, 2004, Page 57) We also discussed this idea of follower influence in the final week of the course, according to the presentation from class some essential qualities of good followers are that they posses courage, honesty, and credibility. These good followers would help this weakness not be such an issue. The final lowest scoring strength within the VIA model was my ability to forgive. That is when someone has done wrong to me I am not willing to accept them for a second chance. This is a weakness because I believe it relates negatively to the Big Five Traits with job satisfaction, specifically Agreeableness. Research has found that “agreeableness was positively related to life satisfaction… assuming

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