The Myers-Briggs Indicator

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These qualities were even more defined when I took the Myers-Briggs assessment. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality assessment that involves a series of questions to simple everyday situations, the responses then identify an individual’s natural way of doing things known as ‘Psychological Preferences’ (Aranda, R, & TiLton, S, 2013). My MBTI results came back from (Personality Pathways, 2017) as being an ISTJ, which stands for: introversion, sensing, thinking, and judging. I thought that this assessment was somewhat accurate to my personality and my way of thinking. According to the test, I have a strong-felt internal sense of duty and that fuels my motivation to complete tasks. I feel this is certainly true because I want…show more content…
What I would consider an extremely important principle, that is key to managing, is communication e.g. face to face, electronic, verbal, and written communication. These types of communication are beneficial for a successful manager and all are very important. I personally would say that face to face communication is the most important because it is more direct and personal. Being efficient and fast at making those decisions can mean so much to an organisation. In my ideal organisation, information from the top of the hierarchal chain should travel quickly to increase productivity and efficiency. I believe that good communication is an extremely important part of being a manager and that is why I would consider it an important factor when selecting my ideal…show more content…
However, I would argue that being able to motivate others to get things done is the most important part of being a manager. If you can’t get your employees motivated to do their work, they are not going to be very effective nor efficient. Motivation is a principle that cannot be talked about without mentioning the effect and influence it has on others. Having a positive influence on others is a great principle of management. If a manager can have a positive influence on their employees, they will be much more productive and the work environment will be a much better place as a result (PWC,
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