The Myers Briggs Type Indicator Essay

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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a psychological, interpersonal, and self-reported assessment instrument based on Jungian theories of personality types. This instrument measures personal differences in the psychological preferences of four domains. These domains include obtaining energy and motivation, processing information, making decisions, and interacting with surrounding people or situations (Aranda, & Tilton, 2013). According to the MBTI in Human-metric personality test, my scores were 12% (E) extroverted thinking more than introverted, 57% (N) intuitive as oppose to sensing, 41% (T) thinking more than feeling, and 59% (J) judging as compared to perceiving. Thus, my personality type is ENTJ. The ENTJ personality type focuses its extroverted energy preference toward the outer world instead of inner thought. Most of the extrovert’s energy and motivation drive from interaction with others, according to Plonien (2015). Indeed, I often seek expert consultation; for example in this course I found a military nurse specialist who has helped me in developing persuasive strategies, so that I can apply them to convince the National Guard Health Affairs board to develop a Nurse Practitioner program. Usually, I become more motivated when people rely on me as a team leader or even just as a team member. Even when I work with group members who are not very interested in the project, I tend to become more determined to motivate them; I’ll organize our working

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