The Mysteries Of The Beatitudes

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Christ summarized Catholicism in his teaching of the Beatitudes, which was essentially one’s neighbor. Although it is not incorrect to say the Beatitudes are a major part what define Catholicism, they are not the only thing that does. Along with the beatitudes, the luminous mysteries summarize the life of Christ and are part of what guides Catholics in their beliefs. The luminous mysteries were introduced by Pope Saint John Paul II in 2002 as part of the apostolic letter “Rosarium Virginus Mariae” (Albl 73). Rosarium Virginus Mariae was written to emphasize the importance of the Rosary and Mary in Catholicism, to show that the Rosary was, in fact, centered on Christ, and to add new reflection points to remember when praying the Rosary. In this letter, Pope Saint John Paul II recommends changes to the way the Rosary is prayed. Previously, there were three sets of mysteries that one was to reflect on when praying the Rosary. They include the Joyful mysteries, the Sorrowful mysteries, and the Glorious mysteries. The Joyful mysteries include the pre-ministry life of Jesus. The Sorrowful mysteries include Jesus during his suffering. The Glorious mysteries include the time after Jesus’ Ascension. Pope Saint John Paul II added the luminous mysteries, or mysteries of light. (Albl 73). There are five luminous mysteries and they are five significant moments in the life and ministry of Christ. They include his baptism in the Jordan, the miracle at the wedding
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