The Mysteries of the Construction of Pyramids in Egypt

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One of the greatest mysteries of the ancient world has always been how the great pyramids of Egypt were built. It was a long time ago, long before we had bulldozers, cranes and all that heavy-duty equipment. This leads some groups of people to believe that because Egyptians were “primitive”, there is no way they could have done all the work themselves. Thus the most logical explanation as to who could have helped our helpless Egyptians had to be aliens. Aliens had traveled from afar to build these giant pyramids for whatever reason. (1) The immense size and architecture of the pyramids have made some people really believe that aliens had some part in constructing them because of the lack of technology the Egyptians had at the time. People who support this theory use the fact that the pyramids are perfect in their slopes and sides. Their location and how it aligns with some stars or the sun, this was all used as evidence to support the fact that Egyptians who didn’t even have the wheel could build such a massive structure. Khufus pyramid, which stood at 480 feet, was supervised by Hemiunu (2) and is one of the pyramids that alien believers think was built using advanced technology. The Great Pyramids are pretty impressive to look upon, and it does get you wondering how a civilization so old created such amazing and massive structures. Though most of it can be explained buy some evidence left behind by the Egyptians as to how the Khufus Great Pyramids were built. The three

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