The Mysterious Four Year University Essay

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The mysterious four-year university

“What should I do after high-school?” a question asked by seniors all over the world each year. “should I work? Should I go to school? What school should I go to?” The unanswered questions that follow high school are numerous for many people. I graduated from high school just six months ago and underwent this big choice of what direction to take my life. I saw people all around me stressing for months, making check lists, pro/con lists, the whole nine yards trying to figure what they were going to do with their lives after they graduated.

Growing up I always thought that after high school you go to a big four-year university and get a degree. That’s what all the movies showed me, that’s what my elementary teachers told me, and that’s how I thought life was supposed to go. It wasn’t until my senior and junior year of high school until I realized there were many more options then just a four-year university. One could go into the military, go straight into the working force, go to a technical school, go to a community college, do online school, travel, do mission trips, continue an athletic career, start a business; the paths one could choose are unlimited. This made me wonder about four-year universities though, what was the hype? Why did I hear about them so much? What drove people to attend them? What made people choose four-year universities over other educational options? Could finding answers to questions like these help the next
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