The Mysterious Life of Edgar Allan Poe

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There are different types of reading. There are novels, nonfiction works and tons of different genres. But, some people like a story that is short and to the point; Edgar Allan Poe is an author who can provide that. Although he had a rough life, Poe worked very hard to become the skillful author that is known today. Some people like horror stories and others like romances. Edgar Allan Poe is a widely accepted poet and author. He is known for his sullen horror stories and all of the tragedies in his life. Two of his most known stories are “The Tell-Tale Heart” and “The Fall of the House of Usher.” At first, the stories seem like they have nothing in common. After analyzing the stories, they actually have quite a bit in common.
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Poe soon began his career as a starving writer. Although his foster father, John Allan, had remarried a wealthy woman, he refused to help Edgar, who was always asking for more money. In 1831, he went to New York City. Edgar had submitted stories to multiple magazines in hopes that they would be published. His attempts were all rejected. Poe stated in his last letter to his foster father in 1833 that it had been more than two years since the last time they had spoken. He requested his foster father’s pity for not having any friends and not being employed. He wanted aid and pity to save him from further destruction. John Allan never responded. Allan later died on March 27, 1834 and took Poe out of the will completely. His cousin, Virginia became Poe's love interest and an inspiration to him as well (Biography Channel). He married Virginia in 1836. At the time, she was only 13. Some sources say that she was 14. Poe's literary talents only started to show in 1835 when he became an assistant editor at the Southern Literary Messenger in Richmond. After taking the position his literature started to become more popular and was published (Mystery Net).
During his later life, he continued to work at The Messenger. While working there, Poe was both an editor and a contributor (Mystery Net). During the year 1836, Poe had credits for about 80 or 90 reviews, six poems, four

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