The Mysterious Stranger Essay

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The Mysterious Stranger It was 1590 in Austria, still in its Age of Belief, and also still in the Middle Ages. The quiet town of Eseldorf lay in the middle of Austria, covertly hidden by luscious woods and many hills. The children were taught only to revere God and the saints; as for education, it was thought only to divert ones attention away from Him, making them discontented with their lot in life. In the town there were two priests. One of them, Father Adolf, was awed and respected; for he had no fear for Satan, and was said to have confronted him once, throwing his bottle at him. The other was Father Peter, they loved him best. Unfortunately he had enemies, one being the very powerful astrologer. Who had the ear and trust of…show more content…
Soon and young man strolled towards them and began to talk in a friendly way. He was neither shy nor awkward as most boys would be when first talking to a stranger. He had good new clothes on, a winning face and a pleasant voice. Theodor thought of offering him the pipe but remembered they had no fire. Suddenly he looked up pleased and said; "Fire? Oh that is easy; I will furnish it. "This surprised them, but as he blew on the pipe the tobacco started sending up smoke. This astonished the boys, who got up to run. They ran only a few steps but soon stopped as he was pleading for them to stay. He would not do them any harm but only wanted company. Their curiosity got the best of them and they returned. He was bent on putting them at ease; he was earnest, simple, and gentle. In this way he soon had them won over and as they were comfortable, they asked where he learned such a thing. He responded telling them he never learned it, he only knew, along with many other strange things. He did many other strange and wonderful things in their presence. Theodor finally managed to ask who he was, he simply said, "An angel." Now they were in awe of him but they were told not to worry as he liked them. He kept on chatting and started to make small people the size of a finger. After making about 500, they started building a castle, when Seppi asked him what his name was he said, "Satan." It caught them and
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