The Mystery Of Andy Greenwood

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The book is a classic creature feature story about a twelve year old orphan named Andy Greenwood who had run away from every single one of his foster parents up until he destroys his latest foster parents old expensive car while he tries to run away. But this time Greenwood wasn’t so lucky this time because his latest foster parents had called the police the second that they saw the car leave the garage, and under twelve minutes he was in the middle of the road surrounded by police officers. But this time instead of being moved to a new foster home Andy Greenwood is sent to the Reclamation School for Boys where he expects food that tastes like gray, Drill sergeant instructors stricter than a rock , and bullies meaner than a bull on who's been poked in the eye. But when he arrives at this school in the middle of the desert he soon discovers that this is no ordinary school and that there is a deadly secret under the school. As soon as he meets his two roommates he understands that there is something wrong at the school, because he sees the large aggressive ants all over the school.
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