The Mystery Of Capital By Hernando De Soto, And The Party : The Secret World Of China 's

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Economics 160 Fall 2015 Term Paper 1 Author: S.Ali Al-Mosawi California State University Northridge INTRODUCTION In this assignment, I will be discussing the questions and mention key factors from The Mystery of Capital by Hernando De Soto, and The Party: The Secret World of China’s Communist by Rachel McGregor. Economy is the study of social behavior as discussed in class, but with these two authors and books, they elucidate in a form that is highly intellectual. They both are unique in terms of discussing what is necessary to have a better system. Hernando De Soto’s book explains the events that created a better western economy, and in so doing, he argues how the east are not in a good system by providing examples through his own research. In the other hand, in Rachel McGregor’s book, she explains China’s system by providing examples of how the so-called party is treating its people. SECTION 1 In Hernando Des Soto’s The Mystery of Capital, he explains that they are five mysteries in the capital. They are the mystery of missing information, capital, and political awareness. In addition, the missing lessons of U.S history and legal failure. In particular, I will be focusing on the mystery of information. One of the examples of how a country could produce wealth through a capitalist economy is by dead capital. According to resources, dead capital is an economic term related to property, which is informally that, is not legally recognized. The uncertainty of ownership

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