The Mystery Of Detective Fiction

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Detective Fiction exists as one of the most popular fiction genres of all-time. Detective fiction uses facts and other details to solve a mystery which surrounds a perplexing murder in a novel. Many people gain excitement over a challenge or a test of knowledge when solving a puzzle. A puzzle may baffle or confuse the puzzler; therefore, the puzzler likes to solve the puzzle before the ending. People enjoy the experience of sheer satisfaction of solving a mystery before ending the literary work. Curiosity describes itself as “the desire to learn or know about anything; inquisitiveness” (Dictionary). Curiosity somehow leads people on the path to try to solve a mystery or a puzzle. It remains a question of why people desire to solve a puzzle. Maybe their inquisitive mind drives them to solve the puzzle or a mystery. Often after the reader finishes reading a detective novel and solving the mystery before the reveal of the murderer, they find this satisfying to their curiosity. Thus they begin to continue reading more mystery fictional novels. The birth of detective fiction surfaced around the “19th century” (Gaines). “The Moonstone” novel considered the first detective novel written (Sahni). The novel created by Wilkie Collins established the ground rules for detective novels. Before the detective fiction surfaced, many novels conveyed the murderer as the innocent one, instead of the victim as the innocent one. These works of fiction, unfortunately did not
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