The Mystery Of Grand Island

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The boat was swaying with every wave. I had been on a boat many times before, I had been on this boat many times before, but this time was different, this time I was frightened for my life. All it was supposed to be was a quick tour around Grand Island, a magnificent island in Lake Superior, but it turned into something more, something that will forever haunt my thoughts and dreams. How the eight of us ever survived that day, still remains a mystery.

Grand Island is one of the most remarkable islands in all of Lake Superior. My grandfather, Captain James Herbert Barrow II, worked at the Grand Island landing with Tall Jim, for my grandfather is the shorter of the two men. Every summer my brother and I would visit my grandparents and spend at least a week on Grand Island. Many of my very fond memories as a child are from those lazy summer days building sandcastles, swimming in Trout Bay, building little towns in the sand we called “Ploobits”, and of course screaming my head off when the snake I shall call Henry slithered over my foot. Maybe not all very fond memories.

That day, that terrible, dreadful day started out like all other last day on the island days, packing, lots and lots of packing. I was only about eight or nine, so I didn’t do much of any packing other than my own. However, that day was slightly different, my grandparents friends, Kennard and Sandy, had gotten to the island that morning and wanted to see more of it. Of course my grandfather was ecstatic that…

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