The Mystery Of Legend - Original Writing

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I sit in bed staring across my room and through the window at the pitch-black sky containing too many stars and only one moon. The dreamcatcher above my head dangles low and the feathers brush against my cheeks. It is a gift my great-grandmother made and it has both of my favorite colors on it. The feathers are pink and the web is light blue. The ring around the web is made from sticks. Legend has it that they catch all of your bad dreams, but only the good ones know how to pass through. I truly believe it catches my nightmares, because I don’t remember having any since I put it up last year. Shortly after my great-grandma passes away, we were going through all of her boxes in her attic. In the dusty corner, a box catches my eye. As I walk closer to it, I see that it is labeled in large, shaky handwriting and has my name written on it, “Sara.” I open it and there is only one thing in it. I don’t want to say I am disappointed, but it is only one dreamcatcher in a large and mostly empty box. I hang it above my bed shortly after, and almost like magic, I have only good dreams. Tonight feels different, like there is something, a part of me, asking me to take it down. Just for tonight. I probably feel brave because I tried sushi for the first time today, or maybe because I volunteered to sing a solo in our musical. Either way, I know I want to take on fear. It has been awhile. I carefully take it down and lay it on my bedside table. After that, I fall asleep almost instantly.
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