The Mystery Of Serial Killers

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Serial killers have unsuspectingly dwelled among society for as long as evil has been amongst the human race. The world would not be the same without these vile people. Yes, serial killers are awful human beings but there is something about them that has, and will continue, to be a topic of interest to the innocent. Serial killers are always talked about; in fictional movies, documentaries, books, speeches, dinner topics, the list goes on. The average, day by day people in society have always craved the mysteries of serial killers and that is what gives these despicable people the reason to keep killing, fame.
People do not kill without reason. There is always a motive to a persons’ kill. That is why people always want to know more about
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These killers have given the world a vision and shown the people that it is possible to be a sick kind of extraordinary. Anne E. Schwartz, author of, “Inside a Murdering Mind” wrote, “If they perish, the beauty of this earth will sink into the grave with them” (Schwartz). This quote proves the argument that the human race is fascinated with all of the different types of killers, and would never be the same without them. Life as the human race knows it would be over.
Although not all serial killers lurking around the world are famous, there are a few that tend to stand out all throughout the world and continue to stand out far after their death. Serial killers such as Jeffrey Dahmer, David Berkowitz, and Ted Bundy are prime examples of killers that are famous because of their horrendous ways. They all had three things in common. One, they were killers. Two, they all got caught. Three, their all famously known for their unnatural actions. These people are just a small portion of famously known serial killers around the world. These sick men stick out the most because of their strange actions, making them all the more famous. Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer, former killer, cannibal, and sex offender was found guilty for the rape, murder, and dismemberment of seventeen young boys and men. “In Dahmer’s case, everything was post mortem” (Schwartz). This shows how Dahmer was a strange serial killer, stranger than most because he did not have any desire to
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