The Mystery Of The Jewel Birds

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The Jewel Birds

Once there was a princess named Princess Ella. As she was walking in her palace gardens, she saw a sign made out of gold and silver. It read, “This way to Gold and Silver Orchard.” Princess Ella followed the arrow on the sign.
A little ways along the path, she came to another sign. It read, “Keep following this path to get to Gold and Silver Forest.”
The princess wondered which path to take. “What should I do?” Princess Ella muttered to herself. She decided to stay in the smaller Gold and Silver Orchard, and explore and enjoy herself while she was there. Suddenly Princess Ella found that she was very tired, and she lay down to take a nap under a shady tree. She slept for days!
When she finally woke up, she saw a big bird flying above her. She said to the bird, “What a beautiful bird. What is your name? What kind of bird are you? I’ve never seen a bird like you here before.”
The bird replied to her, “Oh, my name is SilverBird. My name comes from what I am made of. I am made entirely from silver.”
“Oh what a beautiful name,” said Princess Ella. “My name is Princess Ella.”
Princess Ella had a very lovely and very kind little sister called Princess Olivia. She missed her sister since she had been in Gold and Silver Orchard for days. So Princess Ella took out her cell phone, thinking Princess Olivia would very much love to see this beautiful place. She called her little sister, and asked her to come.
On her way, Princess Olivia saw the same signs about
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