The Mystery Of The Myth

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The myth is the belief that some languages just aren’t good enough because they do not fulfill certain criteria. Criteria such as not being able to act as a medium of speech to express new ideas, to speak of science, to speak of high literature, and to be used internationally without having to borrow vocabulary from other languages. English is probably the most infamous case of this myth being false. As we know it English is probably one of the most widely spoken languages. English has the ability to clearly express ones ideas, converse scientific terms, and speak of high literature. However many of English’s vocabulary are borrowed from Latin, French, and many other languages. Under the criteria of those that believe that some languages are not good enough, English is not good enough as a language since it borrows vocabulary from other languages. But this is not true since English is a very prominent language and is very able to express new ideas of all kinds. Another famous example that can be used to debunking this myth would be in the case of Latin. When Latin first arose the Greek’s believed that Latin just wasn’t good enough to be able to express complex thoughts. However as we know today this is terribly false. Latin was one of the most wide spread languages that we know of today. Latin was also at one time a lingua franca. It was used as a common language between speaks of different native languages to express ideas. Not only was Latin used in science,
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