The Mystery Of The Vampire Diaries

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Blood Lust Fact or fiction? For centuries there has been talk but no one has yet to prove that vampires exist. The Vampire Diaries is a series based on novels about supernatural creatures as though it was reality, this series was launched in 2006 by the CW network. This supernatural drama has grasped its viewers and has grown in popularity making it one of the most sought after series. This heart pounding action packed show is now in its seventh season and after losing one of its main characters in season six, The Vampire Diaries has not skipped a beat with their ever so exuberant tails. The Vampire Diaries is by far my favorite television series to date because of its post-feminism, erotic love triangle, and the plot is tied with the ongoing mystery of the supernatural creature. Without a doubt this show is directed towards women viewers, not only with its exceedingly handsome actors, but with its insatiable story line. The Vampire Diaries is post-feminist and the network is notoriously known to target young to middle aged women for a majority of their television series. The CW network mentions that it prides itself on being “the only network targeting women aged 18-34” ( Generating slogans that are specific for this demographic such as “Free To Be” and “TV Now” have helped intrigue that specific audience. “The way the CW network is postfeminist is in line with scholars such as Yvonne Tasker and Diane Negra’s use of the term, characterized by a kind of
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