The Mystery of Ancient Civilization's Buidling of Massive Structures

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Many ancient civilizations built things that served a multitude of purposes. Most of the purposes of these structures are already known but, there still may be unknown uses for the thing these ancient civilizations built. There also many different ancient civilizations like the Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Egyptian, Mayans, and Aztecs. Many of the things built in ancient times influenced the things that we build today. For example, the coliseum influenced the basic designs of modern football stadiums. Also the designs made by these ancient civilizations helped to change the way other civilizations made there monuments. For example, when the romans started to different types of columns and arches the style was adopted, modified, and used in the designs of cathedrals in Europe .There are many parts of these ancient buildings still undiscovered. For example there could still be sealed rooms in the pyramids of Giza. Usually when people start to research architecture made by ancient civilizations, they have to answer how were they built, and what were they built for.
There were many things built in the period of ancient Greece that had many different uses. Ancient Greeks were the first to build lighthouses. The first one was originally one of the Seven Wonders of the World and was used to guide ships to shore. It used wicker lamps as a light source so the light could only be seen from a few miles away. The…
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