The Mystery of Being a Forensic Scientist

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The main thing that a forensic scientist does is trying to figure out how, who, what, where and why in a murder case. There are many types of scientists in forensics, like forensic anthropologist, criminal profiler, forensic engineer, forensic pathologist, forensic nurses, and forensic photographer. A forensic scientist has general studies in science and can have many specialized skills. In order to become a forensic scientist, one must know the educational requirements, the working conditions, and the benefits of this career. To prepare for being a forensic scientist, a high school student must take some advanced science and math classes, in addition to regular high school classes. A high school student might take some laboratory practices and computer classes. According to Career Cruising, undergraduate college students might get a degree in forensic science and technology, chemistry, forensic chemistry, biology, or biochemistry. Most forensic scientists would also earn a master’s degree. “Many colleges offer master’s programs in forensic science, chemistry, or biology” (“Forensic Scientist”). Some colleges like Illinois Central College, Lewis University, or University of Illinois at Chicago offer a program in forensic science. According to Career Cruising, some employers would…
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