The Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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The Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe

What was the mystery of Edgar Allan Poe? Why was he so special? He was special because he helped change poetry by giving it different focuses. Through looking at Edgar Allan Poe's life, we will understand what motivated him to write what he did, what the meaning was behind these works, and how this changed poetry.

Before Edgar Allan Poe, the common belief was that poetry should be about Truth, and that it should impart some morals. Poe disagreed, and strongly felt that poetry was not at all about passing along the Truth. Poetry should be about Beauty, and the excitement of the soul. For Poe, the truth was far too harsh to be included in poetry. The truth for Poe was that life is harsh. Poe was
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During this time, his relationship with his guardian, Allan, was becoming considerably worse. His adopted mother, Frances Allan died, and consequently there was only a brief reconciliation with John Allan (Frank 15). This lasted a short while and from there their relationship grew steadily worse, until there was no communication. His professional life consisted of jumping from job to job, trying to publish his poems and make enough money to live off of. He was not very successful in America, and during his life really only gained recognition in France.

While his professional life was just as bleak as his early life, I would like to concentrate on his love life, for that is what inspired his poetry. During his life, Edgar Allan Poe had love affairs that never really worked out. Poe met his first love, a young woman named Jane Stanard, the mother of one of his friends. She became a sort of mother figure to Edgar. Yet this love could not bloom, for Jane died at the age of twenty-eight. After her death Poe describes seeing apparitions that appeared in his nightmares. Poetry on Jane appears in his works, one being ?To Helen.? One year after Jane?s death, Poe falls in love with Elmira Royster. This relationship was also doomed from the beginning. Elmira?s father was did not approve of the relationship from the beginning, his disapproval stemming from Poe?s social and financial situation. Another source of pain, Elmira inspired Poe?s
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