The Mystery of What is Normal Essay

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The Mystery of What is “Normal”

In order to think about whether someone’s family is “normal” or not, you would have to consider many factors.“Normal” in what sense of the word?What aspect of the family are we considering the normality?Are we talking about the family’s culture, quality of living, habits, the way that the present themselves, or are we just comparing them to the people next door?Are we talking about the normality of the family at face value or are we asking about the normality of that family which only members of that family have experienced?There are so many definitions of the word “normal.”Finding a definition of the word “normal” depends on the person’s definition of what he or she thinks “normal” means.

In the
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Doesn’t that sound “normal?”

What happens to anyone else that strays away from the path that society feeds into our minds about what is normal?Are they considered outcast? Is it their fault that the strayed from this painted up fairy tale?Are they considered outcasts whether it was their decision or even if it was beyond their control?Maybe in the past, but in a society
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